I have had the pleasure to hunt with quite a few people over the years, several with Taran Rogers. When hunting with someone, there are important traits required for success. They need to know the country, the animals, and have a great attitude with an abundance of energy, to get the job done. With Taran you get all those along with the fact that he's a great guy to spend time with and on a long hunt that combination is priceless.- Joe D.

I've hunted with Taran for two consecutive years. During the first hunt, I was able to shoot a nice bull. On my second hunt, he put me in front of a huge bull however I failed to make the shot.

Taran is a polite and respectful young man, with an outgoing personality. You will have a great time with him in the truck, the field, and at camp. His knowledge of the area is very extensive despite his young age.

He has ties to all the local ranchers and outfitters in regards to the current location of all game .

Lastly, he is a trustworthy and hardworking individual that will give you his full attention and best effort throughout the entire hunt.- Adam Highman